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Crash with dlclist folder!

  • Hello guys! I have a problem and maybe here I can find a definitive solution.
    I have the last version of GTA V (Steam) and I have a wide variety of mods installed. Most are add-ons (453 cars add-ons) and some other things like Liberty City Map and a few things more, the game ran stable until a few days ago (I have a 1080ti graphic card and i7 8700k) but a put five cars more to the dlclist and the game crash when is in the loading screen (without any kind of sign, it just closes) so i take it out that new cars to put it again the game works, but it never happen.
    That is, no matter how much you remove those files, the game does not restart, although previously with those same files it did.
    IF i take it out the dlc list folder on my mods, the game start properly.
    I started to try to install some things little by little from my backup, but when I put 30 files or more, it crashed again.
    It is very strange because as I said before, I have more than 450 add-ons and it worked perfectly.
    Since I tried all the gameconfig, I tried to delete the packfile adjuster, I tried to configure the heapadjuster and nothing, the error continues to persist. I really don't want to lose my collection of add-on cars. It took me a long time to install and assemble it, it worked perfectly and I had the backup made with it that worked stable, but not now!
    Please help!

  • @ManuSalta94 How about trying this. Could be one addon that is corrupt for whatever reason. Go into your mods dlcpacks folder from Windows, not Open IV, and move about half your addons into some temp folder. You don't need to edit dlclist.xml. Just move them. See if the game loads with those. If not rinse and repeat to see if one addon is causing the issue. In passing, that is a shitload of addons.

    Also, with over 450 lines in your dlclist.xml, you might want to check for a syntax error - maybe you screwed something up during the last edits.

  • @JohnFromGWN i've been tried but when i put, for example, ten files only, the game crash again, i take out that files (that before works perfectly) and put others 10, and this crash happen again, with the kind of files that before works perfectly. It's really strange, but i thing i have some file that is change everything and makes this shit happen.

  • @ManuSalta94 How about you backup your gameconfig from your mods folder and then copy the gameconfig from GTA5, then edit that file with 1 addon and see if it runs.

    Also, can you post the last 10 or 20 lines of your gameconfig, the one in your mods folder, just to see if there is a syntax error.

  • @JohnFromGWN i did it too, and put others gameconfig files posted here on 5mods but nothing, the same crash when its on loading screen if i put dlclist folder with my add-ons. It's makes me crazy.

  • @ManuSalta94 I'm sorry my post was completely wrong.
    What I meant was copy over your dlclist.xml to your mods folder after backing up your dlclist.xml from your mods folder.

    dlclist.xml from GTA5 ------>Mods folder

    What you should try is get a fresh/clean dlclist.xml file. Then add 1 addon and 1 only and see if that addon spawns. If that works, keep adding. Keep your backup so you don't have to manually recreate hundreds of lines.

    But please post your dlclist.xml lines, not all 400, just the last 20 say, to see if there are syntax errors.

  • @JohnFromGWN Okey, i'll try it with the last ones and the corresponding files, maybe help.

  • @ManuSalta94 Hi friend, i was trying changing the dlclist and correcting any syntax errors, including upper and lower case in "items".
    If I add, for example, 20 lines of my add-on backup, the game starts. I can go up to 200, after that the game crashes.
    I once again clarify that I got to install more than 450 add-ons and the game remained stable for weeks, I really do not know what it will be. I already tried several gameconfig and heapadjuster, will it be an internal configuration of this one maybe?

  • @ManuSalta94 Well I'm glad you managed to get 200 mods going. Do you really run 400 at the same time?
    Keep trying to find which one(s) is/are crashing your system - would be the last ones you installed.
    You can also just rename some of your mods using a batch file/powershell file to turn them on and off.
    With respect to gameconfig or tuning you would need to ask someone who runs that many mods. I have about 50 installed.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes, more than 450 without any kind of problem or bug.
    the vast majority are just cars, I don't have many mods outside of that.
    What I do not understand is because with these same files and without adding anything to it suddenly it does not enter when before goes perfectly fine.

  • @ManuSalta94 Don't know how to answer that. Are you running any new Windows programs in the background that might be eating up memory? Do you have enough disk space? Again, it could be one addon that is corrupt, or not properly installed, or conflicting with another addon (for example same spawn name). You are now able to load about 200 and before it was 0. I think you found issues with the syntax in your dlclist? If so, keep looking.

  • @JohnFromGWN My pc is powerful enough in its memory for this kind of games. I have 3 memories and two of them 512gb ssd nmve, i7 8700k and 1080ti, so i think that was is no the problem. Maybe i can find some duplicate files, that maybe would be a problem?

  • @ManuSalta94 update: After trying and testing, I was able to verify that the problem was the gameconfig configuration and that the dlclist.xlm was broken. Copy as they told me here the dlc.xlm stock (the one of based game) and put line by line and that was the solution. Now I have exaclty 494 add-ons working perfectly. Bad side: I can't put one more. If I add 495, the game crashes on the loading screen. I suppose I must see to modify some more value of the gameconfig, but I can't think of which one. I tried some of the "vehicles" values but it keeps crashing.

  • @ManuSalta94 Well that's excellent progress. Which gameconfig did you download? Link?

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