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Add more Swat to Riot Van

  • So basically i'm currently tuning the dispatch.meta to my liking, using a mix of the World of Variety and the old Crime and Police Rebalance mod for some values. I already set the Riot van to appear in the 5 Star dispatch.meta section and built a VehicleSet for it. This works just fine, also with having set the LAW_ENFORCEMENT flag in vehicles.meta.

    But every time a riot van spawns, there are only two swat in there in the front seats. What exactly does define how many Peds are in a dispatch car?

    I read somewhere that i would need to change these somehow?!


  • @Stormtrooper501
    afaik, for dispatch anyway, the number of peds that appear is hardcoded somewhere & tied to the vehicle name.
    The 'fbi' vehicle, for example, spawns in with 4x dispatch peds in it (the maximum I know of for dispatch). If you replace the 'fbi' with your 'riot', & everything else is setup correctly, it should spawn in with 4x peds.
    The vids you see on youtube of 6x peds total with 4x hanging on the side etc are player driven vehicles with 5x bodyguards. That works (& can be used to test vehicle ped capacity), it just doesn't work for dispatch (given the hardcoded limits imposed via vehicle name by Rockstar).

  • Ok, that's a shame, thank you anyways.

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