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How to change blood color ?

  • I installed "Improvements in Gore" while I love the mod some blood pool are in really bright red so I tried to change the blood pools textures with the ones from another mod, except it didn't fix the issue as presented on the screen : alt text

    How can I fix this ? Thanks in advance

  • Hi there,
    I too am using this mod and have the occasional ketchup blood pool.
    The colour values come from bloodfx.dat and liquidfx.dat (liquidfx is a beta one, for spillage effect);
    They are located at

    You'll see some columns with RGB, play around with it to see the colour you like.

    PS: I've set all the blood colours in mine to almost brownish-black and I still get the ketchup colour;
    when asked, the OP modder also said that they couldn't figure it out and it does happen occasionally..

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