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[Request to Rappo gta5-mods.com] - @Author name in mods comment

  • Hello @rappo

    I'm a lot online but not always check my older mods for comments because i forget about them.
    people are not tagging me with @yeahhmonkey
    so i won't get any notification.

    is there a chance you would maybe like this idea and maybe not.
    but that in the comment box automatic the author @ then author name
    so when people send a message it will give a notification

    when they want to comment to someone else they can easy remove the line them self :D ?

    do you think this is good for the forum?

    To other users who read this.

    Please tell me if you like the idea or don't like the idea please let me know why :D

  • @yeahhmonkey I do like the idea... although I get the feeling with some mod authors, they wouldn't care if they were tagged or not, they still wouldn't respond.

    But yes, for those of us who like to keep on top of any problems as quickly as possible, it would be very useful.

  • @LeeC2202

    yes some people won't like it and some people are. maybe a toggle for on and of?

    It's maybe weird but people are to lazy to @ someone
    if they want a reaction they always need to do this :D

    or ofcourse we can see it soon enough :D

  • @yeahhmonkey I don't think they don't do it because they are lazy, I just think that they believe that when they hit the Reply button on a mod, that the author will be automatically notified that someone has replied to their mod.

  • @LeeC2202
    oh thats right :D

  • I posted this few weeks back or sth lol

  • @Frazzlee LOOOOL

  • This is a really good suggestion. I have thought about it myself since it takes time to check manually. Would make the interaction a lot smoother and people would get their questions answered more often. A email sent like for example Facebook does when you got unread new messages. Could bring people back to modding when they see people interested in their mods.

  • I vote yes. it is a good idea.!

  • @R3QQ yeah

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