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GTA 5 Crashing

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a weird issue when I can play GTA 5 for about 30-45 minutes then it just randomly crashes and closes.

    This mainly happens when driving any car, I usually drive addon cars but this happens with all of them.

    Laptop Spec
    Graphics - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB GDDR6
    CPU - 9th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
    8GB RAM
    1TB NVME M.2 Drive

    Scrips and mods running
    Install list
    Script HookV -
    Script HookV.NET -
    LUA -
    HeapAdjuster -
    PacklifeLimitter -
    Menyoo -
    VTrainer -
    Fuel Reloaded -
    Persitance 2 1.4 -
    Map editor
    Map builder
    Roads of Europe
    Game Config
    GTA version - 1.0.2245.0

    DLC Car list (All cars run and drive no faults but seems to crash only when driving cars)

    If anyone can help or put me in the right direction this would be much applicated
    Is there anyway to find out what causing it to crash?


  • Solved - Corrupt Game data on cloud, turned auto-save back on.

  • Can you explain to me how to fix this ?

  • @PoorBoyAnt Sorry this is not solved I'm still crashing

  • Hello, if anyone can help me with this i have tried endless solutions to try and fix this issue. For some reason when I play GTA for at least 30-45 minutes it crashes. It always crashes when I'm in a addon car can be any.

    If anyone knows a solution to this i will be very applicative.

    Launcher log error when game crashes.
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.902] [DISPLAY] [17764] [gamelaunch] Game exited with code 0xc00000fd (3221225725)
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.903] [DISPLAY] [17764] [crashdetection] Game left no exit file.
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.903] [ ERROR ] [17764] [crashdetection] Exit code 0xc00000fd indicates a fatal game exit (reason: Unknown Error Code)
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.935] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Cloud Save sync requested for title 'gta5'
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.962] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Starting cloud save enabled check for title 'gta5'
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.966] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Received cloud saves enabled state for title 'gta5' = disabled
    [2021-05-06 22:37:52.966] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Finished syncing cloud saves for title 'gta5'
    [2021-05-06 22:37:53.745] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] StartShutdown - Now in progress
    [2021-05-06 22:37:55.322] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [app] Application quit requested (exit code: 0)
    [2021-05-06 22:37:55.554] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] Closing log file.

    Mods Installed
    Script HookV -
    Script HookV.NET -
    LUA -
    Heap Adjuster
    Packlife Limiter
    Menyoo -
    VTrainer -
    Fuel Reloaded -
    Persistence 2 1.4
    Roads of Europe

  • @MDizz can you provide more info?

    Windows Eventviewer

    I'll need you to run the game let it crash and then tell me whats in there Eventviewer -> Windows Logs -> Application
    should be the latest error there can be multiple errors displayed therefor its better and its hard to tell just by the launcher log

  • @Zuraxo Hello, thanks for reaching out, please see screenshot bellow.


  • @MDizz you have to run the game make it crash and then look for the ERROR that what you have is a warning for something else

  • hello I have the same problem someone would have found the solution? it would be cool if we could help each other more on the site ... many have the solution ... but do not want to share it ... I am waiting for an answer to more guys

  • We can't provide a solution when there is no info in the first place try reading the posts from before most likely you guys have either rekt the game with mods installing stuff not knowing what could break or gpu isn't strong enough so reduce the texture quality but like i sayd no info no solution

  • @Zuraxo @Zuraxo I usually play for 5-10 minutes before the game freezes and crash, I don't have any pop up messages when the game crashes. The screen just goes black and the game closes it self. Granted I think it is because I have 1,200 add-on cars, NVE, and l.a. revo 2.0 :no_mouth: . I have a custom config(https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars) and use GeForce GTX 1070, 8gb ram.

  • @Abdulrhman1 what i did is i went for the
    latest gameconfig by F7YO and modified it to my needs and whenever i download a addon car i put them in one pack i created myself.

    So practically merging the cars could help (as it did for me even with every car replaced nve+quant v merge, la revo 2, v remake and so on..) i have a lot of mods installed and it works without any problems for hours it's a lot of work tho

    Reducing the texture quality often helps to

  • @Zuraxo Thanks for this, so instead of adding the add-on cars as separate files to your DLC list, you just add them to one file?

  • @Zuraxo One thing I tried to do today is remove L.A revo 2.0 but kept everything else, I haven't had any crashes so far so it definitely helped.

  • That's what i did to get rid of any crashes just downloaded the cars put them in 1 DLC (custom merging of the .metas required) that was it runs better and my game is stable heavily modded can't confirm for everyone since i don't know what y'all have installed and what not

    Prevent to much saved cars by persistence to as it can cause texture loss and crashes to

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