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Uncompiled vs. compiled script performance

  • I've recently run a few tests to find out what's tanking my FPS like crazy. And I've come to the conclusion that compiled scripts run a lot slower than uncompiled ones. I tested 4 cs scripts against their dll counterparts. I turned the cs scripts into dlls. Running the dlls I got 10 FPS less on average and I have a quite powerful system. I'm currently running quite a few dlls and I've already removed some mods that add features I don't often use. My current FPS are at 40 on average compared to almost constant 60 without mods. I'm running the game on max settings. I've even tested turning all the graphics options to min, the average FPS DID NOT CHANGE!? Just wanted to let you know.

  • Huh, interesting.
    This could be very important to take into consideration when making large mods.

  • @Phnx Interesting, I thought it would be the opposite.
    I've also noticed that issue with fps not changing even when lowering settings. I guess that explains it!

  • Hey how many mods do you have i have like 5 scripts and about 6 guns changed skins bodyguards advanced body guars and a script related to lspdfr but does not let you arrest them or doesnt have most of the function of lspdfr so is that to many mods

  • Does anyone know if you can edit a BLUS script so it only shows 3 mod menus instead of a list of 38?

  • @Simulacrumgamer I have way too many mods, 33 dlls and 5 cs files. :P

  • @Phnx I already removed Mods as well I normaly have 45-60 FPS and with all script mods 20-45 but because of mods affecting pedestrians like Zippos Seizure mods or SoBs mods and Mods like SIngleplayer Apartments

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