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Help with mod player

  • Hi there! I am new to the modding world. I use an old 360 to play GTA V. Anyway, I successfully tweaked the characters skills, weapons and such using Horizon. However, I have a question when it comes to mod player/skin/ character..whatever it's called.

    I want to play as Harley Quinn.
    This is the link I used to download her.
    Once unzipped, I tried dragging the files onto Horizon but it says invalid file. Can this not be performed through Horizon?

    I've tried installing OpenIV..but when opening, I get the error d3dx9_33 not found. I've uninstalled and reinstalled.

    I am lost. I tried-and need help. Thank you guys and gals.


    Sorry, GTA5-Mods doesn't support console modding.

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