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Learning Lemon UI - Update

  • I have a whole bunch of peds, fully customized, loaded along with quite a few cars, motorcycles, and various locations throughout SA. Learning more about programming and C# in the process. Makes a great tool for organizing and managing entities - much faster than any trainer, but not meant to replace them. Next step for me will be to create a menu for animations - not sure if I can pull that off but will give it a shot - way different than just scripting a few animations or scripting task sequences, going to need to learn get functions in depth along with set functions.

    Anyway strongly recommend Lemon UI regardless of your level of expertise - I'm living proof.

  • What's nice is you can also nest a slider inside a submenu. You can use integers or strings as selections.
    Just as a quick example, here I've nested a peds customization list inside a submenu with integers (strings would be more descriptive but choices were limited so integers were fine for the demo).

    Again this isn't meant to replace any trainer, just a way to highly customize favourites or use this to setup a project for machinima or missions....or just fun sandboxing in the open world.

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