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How to position Peds on Chairs, or attach Props to Peds with Lemon UI

  • Simple and efficient way to use the Lemon UI slider to position a ped or to attach and position a prop on a ped.
    Requires converting integers to floats and dividing by 100 to change sensitivity of first 3 coordinates and multiplying by 10 for last 3. Of course your can change sensitivity (hard code or use another slider) if more precision is required or if you want greater speed.

    Thank you to IAmJFry for help on slider changes in another post.

    When I have a chance I'll show a demo with a prop attached to a ped as that is one that seems to give ppl problems.

  • And here is the prop positioning part added. You will never get it perfect, but this is infinitely easier than a trainer and you can just rerun it if you need to. Sensitivities can be adjusted if you are striving for perfection.

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