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Looking for someone who can help me out with make a simple but great RP billing/payment script.

  • Hello guys,

    i have been playing gta v Story mode in a sort of roleplay way where i have a normal life and a normal job but i am missing one very important thing and that is that there is no simple way of RP'ing automatic payments.

    i am looking for someone who can make a script where you can setup a payment system in the script itself, for instance say i want to roleplay that i am the owner of a store and i want to have the script pay me 2k everyday so its like my business is making me money, or maby when i want to roleplay that i am leasing a car and that the script automatically daily takes $200
    as "daily car payment".

    it would be very nice if i could just open the script and then choose what type of payment, it would be very cool if i can choose some stuff like:

    • if the payment is + or -.
    • how many times, daily or per 3 days or per week.
    • the name of the payment, like car lease or phone bill or daily revenue of car dealership.
    • how much i $$$ i want it to add or subtract.

    i have been trying to make a script like this myself but i have 0 experience with scripting and i have taken a fair bit of time trying to learn but it just isnt working, so if you like to make scripts and are open to helping me out and maby making an awesome script then i would be very very happy = ).

    Please contact me on my discord of you want to help out.

  • This post is deleted!

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