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I'm having Car Add On Issues?! Any Help?

  • So, i put in a lot of add on car mods, maybe 180 someish, and i done everything right, i got script hook v in, etc, all the basic mod files to have your mods working, im on the latest Steam version as well with the latest script hook v as well, watch this video of mine i uploaded and see what you think my issue is and be able to fix it to have them working again, i really dont want to reinstall my game, again...thanks!!

    link to my video here...

  • @UnofficialTrent Well, the first thing, you misplaced MenuAPI.dll, NativeUI.dll, Newtonsoft.Json.dll, System.Numerics.dll, vMenuClient.net.dll and vMenuClient.net.dll - those should be in your scripts folder.

    Also, can you post your ScriptHookV, OpenIV and Asiloader log files via pastebin, need to look at them.

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