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Slow Download Speed less than 200kb/s

  • Slow Download speed

    I am getting max. 100kb/s download from GTA5-mods.com. Other sites are ok and i normally got 20 - 30mb/s download

    I was able to fix it by getting on the Netherlands server

  • Me Too, the Downloadspeed is really slow! Since 2weeks, sometimes it's fast like before, but since 2Days I start my Googlechrome and load some mod on GtA5-mods,.. first I got 1MB then 5seconds later it download only with 15/30KB😂 I check it also in the Night, but it still the Same. I come from Germany and other sites have no issues, also when I refresh a gta5mods site it is really slow like 20years ago with a modem... but why ... I check it also with another browser, it's still the same slow Downloadspeed...maybe Someone know why?


    This is almost always caused by bad routing (Cloudflare). The "solution" is to either use a VPN and change the IP to a different region or just wait until Cloudflare gets their shit together.

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