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Car customization missing. Need help

  • Hey. My car customization disappeared. I guess its something with a modkit. Is there a way to combine modkits to not create any problems? Thanks

  • @Cpt_Snowflake
    Change the kitName and id value in carcols.meta now change kits in carvariations.meta the numbers should be the same

  • @Zuraxo They are the same. It was working before but with an addition of another car it stopped

  • @Cpt_Snowflake yea you have to change these numbers in order to make it work again

  • When two modkits have the same id they usally conflict with each other it was "working fine" for you before addition of the second car as soon as you added the second car which I assume have its own tuning parts and modkit the conflict started resulting in no tuning parts showing up for the first one. As the other user mentioned change the value to something else and then try.
    You will have to change the modkit id at two places carcols.meta and carvariations.meta. then it should work fine for you.:grinning:

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