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Problem with folder "dlcpacks".

  • Hi! I have one problem. So I downloaded some mods(rs6,gtr,su-25),that add vehicles, and tried to install them: I need to add some new lines in "dlclist.xml" and in "extratitleupdatedata.meta", then I have to put "gtr","rs6" and "su25"(MainModFolders) to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks. So I did it. Before installation, I downloaded ScriptHookV, SkriptHookV.NET, ASI-Loader and LUA-plugins, but I don't sure that I did it right. When I start a game, it falls. Maybe problem is in "dlcpacks"folder, because when I deleted files in this folder, game works. So, what's the problem? Please, help me if you can!

  • Oh! I understand, how fix it problem. You need to download "gameconfig" last version and choose base or other variant. Then you need to install "Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!)", because gameconfig spends lots of RAM memory.

  • Thank you! I also had the same issue and wanted to ask here, but then I saw you answer !

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