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What's MLO?

  • Maybe a stupid question... but what's MLO?


    it's heaven, V's buildings are so terribly empty compared to IV

  • This is an interesting one. I remember when I first joined looking up all the acronyms and file types but never found a source for MLO, only postings where there was the assumption that it stood for MiLO and some sources actually called them MILOs.

    It's interesting that there doesn't seem to be any formal definition, at least not hidden, other than CMloArchetypeDef (for interiors) and the xml tag mloflags which refer to collisions (for interiors of course) and there are values for loading the map. But I think those references to Mlo mean Map load...which is different than MLO.

    Would love to know the actual origin of MLO or MILO which seem to be limited to Rockstar games (ytyp).

  • Thanks... I will take a look...

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