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Convert Add-on car to Replace.

  • Recently I had an idea to convert Add-on cars to Replace because I prefer replace cars than Add-on cars. Therefore, I would like to ask for help, or some simple tutorial, because I am not a programmer and I don't know English perfectly.

  • @Klipto_Gaming Hello there
    Converting add-on car to replace is quite complicated, depends of the car you want to replace.
    First you'll have to rename the model files (yft) and textures dictionaries (ytd)
    Where it becomes complicated is when your car is located at multiple adresses, like the visione, in patchday and in dlc folders.
    and it is same for script files, commonly the stock handling.meta and vehicles.meta are modified to have correct speed etc, but it depends of the model you replace again.

  • @Theoasterix So should I rename the car Add-on file to e.g. visione.yft and that's it?

  • @Klipto_Gaming Yes, but if you don't modify meta files sometimes you'll get bugging dials, maniability etc

  • @Theoasterix Ok thanks a lot :)

  • @Klipto_Gaming No problem :wink:

  • Just my 2 cents to confirm what Theoasterix said. I try to get replace mods but when I can't find the one I want and add on is the only one available I simply open the add on vehicle file in OpenIV and rename/copy the .ytd and .ytf files. I don't sift out where to place the new renamed files though, I simply just place them in the latest patch day/vehicles and all seems to work. As far as handling goes if no .meta available I just go in a tweak them myself. Plenty of tutorials out there. Hope this helps.

  • Ctrl-F "ADDONNAMEHERE" and replace them to "INSERTCARYOUWANTTOREPLACEHERE" in all .meta files, the .ytd/.ytf files, and call it a day.

    t. converted the normal/non-4x4 Streiter to replace this way

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