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Unable to enter cutscenes/missions using mods

  • Hi! I'm running the most recent version of GTA V through Steam and I'm attempting to use addonped models (I believe that's the name? I'm new to this)
    ScriptHook, NativeUI, OpenIV and AddonPeds are all updated to it's most current version.
    I have no other mods installed, just some player skins.
    They work well up until I try to enter any shop or attempt to do any missions. Nothing happens. I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong but any clarity or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I honestly just want to see different characters in cutscenes and do missions )):

  • @FoxyBon You need Character Swap in order to do missions with addon peds.

    Simply spawn the ped you want to use, open Character Swap, select presets and choose either Franklin, Michael or Trevor's hash.

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