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Colour Changing

  • Does anyone now where the file is located for the color change for Ron takers. i would like to change the color of the props Ron tanker from Orange to something else. is there away to do this??

  • @homebrew



    • Edit 'tanker2_base' & 'tanker_brand' texture colours with Photoshop or some other picture editing software.
    • Replace original textures with edited ones

  • @homebrew said in Colour Changing:

    props Ron

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, but that's the easy one. I'm looking to change the PROP tanker the orange and red tankers that are static and do not move these are props in the port area.

  • @homebrew
    This one? ('prop_tanktrailer_01a.yft')



    Try this:

    Basic Instructions:

    • Export 'prop_tanktrailer_01a.yft' to XML using CodeWalker's 'RPF Explorer'
    • Edit the 'prop_tanktrailer_01a_pal' &/or 'prop_tanktrailer_01a_l1_pal' tint textures

    Example ('prop_tanktrailer_01a_pal.dds'):


    Might take a little experimenting to get the exact colour you want.

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Colour Changing:

    CodeWalker's RPF Explorer

    Many thanks, i will try that. having trouble finding codewalker RPF Explorer download.

  • @homebrew
    Download CodeWalker from it's Discord (link in previous post). The 'RPF Explorer' is in the download. :thumbsup:

  • I have it now, i wasn't familiar with discord. Many thanks for all the help.

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