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GTA V Epic Games mods not working at all

  • Hey there,
    I just purchased the GTA V from epic games. I was willing to add some mods to it like I did in my previous game (pirated version) and I knew how mods work and where to put them them.
    I installed,
    Script Hook V
    Script Hook V Dot Net
    NATIVE UI (In scripts folder)
    OPEN IV (And everything in task manager)
    simply to the game directory where I installed it.
    The game launched perfectly but the mods didn't work at all I pressed the keys but nothing happened it was like I was playing with no mods and anything just simple gameplay

    I also watched some videos about this issue in YouTube and many people in those videos said to install FiveM so I installed it and when I followed the steps to install FiveM and start modding there was a issue, In the YouTubers video there was something like FiveM Single player mode but when I open it there was nothing like that but something else.
    I watched thousands of videos about this issue installed FiveM 3-4 times but it was same .
    I also tried the script hook v epic games version but when I installed it and launched the game it said that I was playing an older version of the game and something like that .

    I hope that I get to solve my issue here:)

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