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  • My system crashed hard yesterday and I thought I would share what caused it and how I fixed it - although the solution might not be the same for everyone with this message.

    alt text

    1. How it Happened
    I have a rare problem with debris floating in game and to get to the point I simply went into my "in game" settings, Graphics, and changed particle quality from Very High to Normal. In a vain attempt to see if that might help. The game told me it would need to restart, which I did. Instead of loading, I got the error message above.

    2. Fix attempt One
    Strange that the game would crash from a simple in game setting change. I don't believe in reinstalling, ever, so I went into Steam and did a verify integrity. Integrity check came back clean.

    3. Fix attempt Two
    Since surprisingly that didn't work, maybe it's a corrupt savegame file. The folder contains a backup but I used my own backup. Restart, same error message.

    4. Fix attempt Three
    At this point I'm very tempted to do a reinstall but too lazy to do so given what it will entail - lots of changes to put back in place. So, I take my own advice, and even though I don't understand what I'm doing it for, I rename dinput8 to restart in vanilla mode. Shouldn't work, right? It does, game starts perfectly and is stable.

    ** Disable Mods**
    So I rename dinput8.dll back to normal, but this time I disable Mods folder (leaving Menyoo and Scripts). System starts perfectly and Menyoo works. So issue is with Mods folder. I'm very lucky to have backed up my Update folder (the one from Mods, not the one from the game) so i copy over the "corrupt one". Restarts perfectly.

    **** Settings****
    Ok, game works. Only one problem now. All my critical setting changes in dlclist etc are gone. Well here's the good news and the most important take home to share - I have this file backed up. Launch OpenIV, copy over dlclist, start the game, all mods except for 6 new addon cars missing. Go back into dlclist, add the lines back, end of problem.

    Still don't understand how changing particle quality to normal corrupted my Update.rpf file (and system was fine, no other changes to speak of) but was able to fix this without reinstalling for one reason: I had backups, not only of my Mods folder but also of individual files such as ped.meta, dlclist, visual settings, gameconfig etc.

    So good idea to keep backups of those files. Of course the files above are included in update.rpf, but the idea was to backup files as you edit them - but if you prefer, just backup the entire Mods folder regularly.

    This is my last post and I want to thank everyone here who helped me - wishing everyone the best in the future. Please stay safe and healthy, get vaccinated when your turn comes. Cheers. John.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Hate to see you go but completely understand why. Thanks for helping me and others. Stay safe.

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