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Game Crashes While Trying To Pick a Shirt To Wear

  • I kid you not. I open simple trainer, scroll down to upper, start scrolling to choose a shirt, and when I get to the 30s all the slots become blank again until the 50s(I'm using the 'Easy Mod Folder' mod). I can scroll backwards(left) and not get a crash when I hit the the 30's. But if I scroll right, it crashes at #33(which is blank), every time. I have the latest gameconfig, scripthooks, etc. I've shut down and restarted my pc. Still crashes when cycling through my shirts with Trevor, once I get to about #30.

    I've been hammering at this since 7am and it's now almost 4pm. Whole day off wasted just trying to add a shirt and play my game. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening please let me know bro.

  • im having the same issue any fix? did you figure it out?

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