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Suggestion: Add a rule that DENY uploading mods if mod's archive packed by author DOES NOT have readme.txt inside

  • I have a suggetion for GTA5-mods.com's admins...

    It's possible to add a rule that applies for everyone uploading a mod here:

    1. The ZIP / RAR / 7Z archive containing mod's file MUST have a Readme.txt that have a description what the mod does;
    2. If the mod is uses ScriptHookV / DotNet / RagePlugin / LUA - a.k.a. it is in DLL / LUA / ASI, the readme.txt MUST include information what keys the mod uses to activate / deactivate this or this feature;
    3. If the mod uses OpenIV.asi and "mods" for modified .rpf archives, readme.txt MUST include in addition an instructions for exact paths where people to place the mod's files when installing the mod via OpenIV.

    My idea is admins here to NOT accept mods if the mod's archive packed by author DOES NOT have readme.txt inside at all containing the important information listed above, i.e. admins to REJECT any mods if mod's description, how to use it (script mods) or installation (for mods using OpeIV.asi) are MISSING in archive, i .e if it contains only mod's files and NOTHING else (No readme is present at all).

    Most modders uploads their mods with this information in Readme included already, but some mods made by some people this information is just absent and it's IMPOSSIBLE to see installation paths for mod's files without viewing the page for it here since author didn't included any sort of readme in archive at all...

  • Yes, some people skip this.
    But this information is always included in the description.

  • @GTATerminal Not always. Though 99% of the time it is either in the readme or on the download page or both. Though if it's not there it may be in the comments section.

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