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How to find specific Texture in OpenIV

  • I am currently working on a texture mod for GTA V.
    I already know how to find the .ydr files in CodeWalker. When i view the .ydr in openiv some textures are missing. I know, that these are in the .ytd files, but i dont know how the find the right ones. CodeWalker only shows one .ytd file, if you look at the TextureDict column.
    Im trying to find the textures for roads and sidewalks but i cant find them.

  • @felixsmtt
    Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of CodeWalker.
    Get it from that^ Discord link as one on gta5-mods is out of date.

    If you then export the '.ydr' to XML (right-click file > 'Export XML...') using CodeWalker's RPF Explorer (CW > '[<<]' > 'Tools' > 'RPF Explorer' or open directly from 'CodeWalker RPF Explorer.exe' in CodeWalker install folder) & then open the exported '.ydr.xml' with a text editor (Notepad++ etc), you can then use the 'DiffuseSampler' lines to get the names of the textures used:


         <Item name="DiffuseSampler" type="Texture">

    You could then use CodeWalker's 'Binary Search' (CW > '[<<]' > 'Tools' > 'Binary Search') to search the game for the location/s of those textures & then test to see what textures are used by that '.ydr'.

    Generally, the textures will be in similar locations to the '.ydr', so test those ones first & if no luck there, have a look in the 'globalroads' '.ytd's as there are a lot of road textures in them.

  • Ok thanks for help!

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