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Working Mod List

  • Re: WORKING MOD LIST FOR VERSION 1.0.1868.0 A year later and no one, still, has responded and found a working mod list


    What's being asked is unreasonable and not feasible to map out.

    1. Some mods are constantly updated, some are just left there and continue to work.
    2. Some mods depend on other mods. These may not need updating, but the mods they depend on, do need updating.
    3. Some mods may or may not interfere with some other mods. Which these are is annoying to figure out at best, impossible at worst.
    4. Some mods may only touch a small part of the game/files, some change a lot of things.

    The reason the "guides" should be superficial is to build some understanding. It's almost certain any "comprehensive complete" guide will just be obsolete in a year, if not sooner.

    Generally, this holds:

    • Mods from different categories should not interfere, e.g. vehicle mods and graphics mods
    • Conversely, mods that change a lot of gameplay-related files are quicker to break, and are incompatible with eachother.
    • Add-on type mods should just work fine, e.g. map mods and vehicle mods
    • Be sure to grab a gameconfig that supports more content, and the Heap Adjuster

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