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mods doesn't show up

  • after the title update i got and issue whe installing mods,
    when i try to modify the dlclist.xml all the dlc and the mods stop working.
    the only solution i found is to replace vehicle instead of adding it.
    do someone have the same issue?
    (sorry for bad english)

  • @Dio_brando06
    No mods working can be a sign of an error in 'dlclist.xml'.
    To rule that out, have a read over this thread & make sure everything is good with your 'dlclist.xml'.

    Alternatively, upload your 'dlclist.xml' to somewhere like MediaFire & I'll download it & check it over for you :thumbsup:

  • i read trhead you sent me,
    i corrected the syntax and there were a few errors, but after fixing them the game crashes on loading.
    i think it is because of the extratitleupdate.meta file but i'm not sure...

  • @Dio_brando06 said in mods doesn't show up:


    'extratitleupdatedata.meta' doesn't need to be edited. It has nothing to do with any mods functionality, they will all work 100% fine without it, so just skip that part when installing anything.
    Revert 'extratitleupdatedata.meta' to vanilla & retest, see what you get & then work from there :thumbsup:

  • it crash on loading

  • @Dio_brando06
    Must be something else then. :thinking:
    Try this gameconfig if you don't have it installed already.

    Does it load if you rename the 'mods' folder to something else temporarily?

    If so, use this process to quickly target in on what is causing the crash :thumbsup:

  • tanks it worked!

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