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how do i disable mods?

  • ok, before you'll scream that this question has been present since the beggining, you might be truee. but on my end, it's not working.

    ok so, i tried to uninstall the game complealty, and reinstall it.
    the problem is, once i open the game, everytime it deactivate my rockstar launcher. as such, i can't play online.

    i renamed the Dll8 for the scripthook so all my mods should be deactivated. and considering that i can't use mod menus or things like, i guess mods are not more. but yet, my rockstar game does not work so i cannot play online. what can i do?

    cheers for hearing me out.


    Disabling (renaming) dinput8.dll should disable all mods, with a few exceptions.


    • Graphics mods come with their own additional DLL
      • ENB: also disable d3d11.dll
      • ReShade: also disable dxgi.dll
    • Some old mods use dsound.dll

    Also, if you've modded game files but not with OpenIV's mods folder, you'll need to restore the original files (by getting your game launcher to reverify the files, or something).

  • @ikt

    greetings for the answer.

    ok so, i only use the Open Iv. so i shouldn't have that issue.

    but the problem is, for steam, my game is fine. but whenever i open the game, i'm always offline from the rockstar social club.

    don't know why. and as said before, i already disabled the dinput8.dll.

    any other solutions?

  • ( for steam is fine, i mean that the verify of caches does not find anything suspicious or outside the normal )

    not to mention, i havn't installed any reshades or grapgics mods.

    and to provide a photo, this is my folder how looks like:



    You probably have something like -scOfflineOnly in your commandline.txt. (It's not a mod, just some additional arguments when starting the game.)

  • @ikt

    yeah, that was the issue.

    many thanks!

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