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Vehicle Replace

  • I downloaded Ubludock's BMW z4i mod, and I replaced the files a long time ago, now I want to replace the same vehicle with a different mod and the files should just automatically replace but when I do try to replace the files they won't change.

  • @Forrestdrive Do you mean OpenIV isn't letting you replace them, or that the game is still showing the original files?

    If it's the latter of the two, check the newer patch file to make sure there hasn't been newer versions of those files added. If there has, they will supersede any earlier versions, so you'll need to replace those ones instead.

  • i got same issue but my case i replace new mod car with the original but the texture is change or examples i replaced buggati with adder but not all some i change it worked for examples i replace challenger RT with gauntlet can u help me?

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