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ASI Loader Breaking GTAV

  • After much troubleshooting I've come to discover that the game would not start because of the dinput8.dll file. It's through steam, I open the game up and it does it's routine thing, checks social club and it loads up the R* Games launcher, however when it the game actually opens up it immediately closes.

    It is 100% the file I mentioned because when I delete it, the game loads fine but when I add it back, it won't load. I tohught maybe it was corrupted and redownloaded the file like 8 times. Still no progress. Help?

    Also yeah, there are no mods on the copy I am trying to load. The only modifications I made are the essential files I needed to start modding and are in the main directory. The mods folder is completely empty as well as the scripts folder.

  • @BlvxkByrd
    Not sure this will solve it, but here's a few ideas anyway:

    If you have 2 copies of the game installed (?), one thing that would need to be ruled out is the registry settings for GTA V. Basically, to have full functionality for each copy of the game you have installed, you need to edit the registry before you play a different copy.

    Have a read of this thread for more info on that.

    Also, right-click important '.dll/.asi' etc files in your GTA V root folder & if any of them are blocked, unblock them.

    Unblock File

  • I do have two copies of the game installed on separate hard drives, I'll uninstall the one I go online with and try that.


    There's absolutely no need to maintain an MP-only installation if you have used the mods folder. Simply disabling/renaming/removing dinput8.dll disables all mods (since dinput8.dll loads the .asi files such as OpenIV).

    If the game crashes if you enable dinput8.dll, some mod crashes the game, NOT the asi loader itself.

    To identify the culprit, disable the .asi files until the game starts loading properly. What I like to do if I have no idea what crashes my game:

    1. Move all .asi files to a backup folder.
    2. Start the game
    3. Exit the game after verifying everything works
    4. Add essentials like trainers, repeat 2 & 3
    5. Add .asi mods I know are non-trivial, repeat 2 & 3
    6. Add the rest of the .asi mods, repeat 2 & 3
    7. Add ScriptHookVDotNet.asi, repeat 2 & 3

  • Yeah so I found out it's Scripthook V. I was using an outdated version. I updated it and installed it but still keep having issues. Everytime I install it and run GTAV the game still closes, it says Scripthook V needs to be updated even though it is. I would take out ScriotHook V and put it back in and run the game again, it still closes although it tells me now that the files need to be verified. I verify them and it goes back to saying Scripthook V needs to be updated. I've done this entire loop 4 times over.


    ScriptHookV itself shouldn't be able to crash anything. Just download the up-to-date version and extract the ScriptHookV.dll to your main game folder.

  • Oh actually I figured it out. It's CScenario Point Patch. I've ensured I was using the current version and I am. I'm not quite sure why this is causing an issue.

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