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Help with popgroups and popcycles - want to add addon cars to traffic

  • Hello,

    I decided to try dabbing my feet in popcycle and popgroups, as I have a ton of addon police cars and would like them to spawn in traffic.

    I found the popgroups.ymt in mods/update/update/x64/levels/gta5 and have added some vehicles (a few to start, make sure it works). However, I am unable to find any file that has sheriff and sheriff2. From a 6 year or so post on LSPDFR I was able to find out I need to look for RURAL something in the data file itself. The problem is, none of the popgroups I can find have it. Does anyone know where sheriff and sheriff are located so I can add more ambient sheriff traffic?

  • You can add and remove popgroups as you please, as long as both your popgroups and popcycles reference the same groups. VWE and WOV have updated popgroups and popcycles that add additional cop spawning groups, I don't believe the vanilla file only has the one cop popgroup for ambient police

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