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Help Request: How to install mods

  • Before you go tell me "just watch a video" or "use the read-me" hear me out.
    I am a fucking idiot. I struggled installing mods on GTA 4 which was much more simpler then what GTA 5 uses. I am not computer savvy and have trouble understanding basic math. A big issue for this digital age and making damn near impossible to install mods for this game.

    All this searching through paths and trying to find one or two files among thousands is really complicated and I can't understand any of it. When I do understand something and try it all it does is mess up my game.

    The closest to a successful install was installing native trainer, which works fine and a replacer for Trevor, which only loaded the body of the character and somehow completely destroyed Micheal, I'm talking about floating eyes and teeth with a face in the chest.

    So yeah, I was wondering if anyone knew of any fool proof method of installing mods. I'll mostly be installing weapon replacers along with replacers for the main three since I love those videos with modded cut scenes.

  • @VinitBelam

    This cannot be anymore fool proof. This was the first vid I watched before I got into mods and is very easy to follow. If you still have trouble, I mean no disrespect but maybe mods is not your thing.
    P.S. Not all mods are created equal meaning some are out dated or not good of quality and will crash your game regardless how good you are and precise with installing them. That goes for ANY mod car, scripts, weapons, peds, etc.

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