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Change Color on house in gta5

  • Hi!

    I try to change color on house (cs4_10_house4) I am able to change color of walls (I must go near or it don't change) but I can't find the roof?! and the rest..

    I want to change color of everything like this video look:

    Thanks for help

  • @Laoan said in Change Color on house in gta5:

    but I can't find the roof?!

    The roof uses the 'IM_Roof03' texture in 'cs4_10_build3.ytd' & 'cs4_10_build3+hi.ytd'.
    LOD uses 'im_roof03_lod' in 'cs4_10_lod.ytd'. SLOD1> SLOD3 textures will be in other locations (would need to know house location & then find it in CodeWalker to figure out where they are accurately).

    Use Ctrl+F3 search in OpenIV to find there locations & figure out (if there are multiples of the same file) which one is loaded by the game.

    I think they only exist here:


    but worth using OpenIV's search to rule out other locations if your changes don't show in-game etc.

    Other houses/buildings in that area may use the same textures, especially the LOD/SLOD ones.
    I don't think this will matter to you, but just something to be aware of when editing textures. Multiple objects often share the same textures etc.

    These are all the diffuse (visual) textures that 'cs4_10_house4' uses:

    • cs4_10_rlds_vc_windowsTpage_0003a
    • IM_Roof03
    • cs4_10_rlds_vc_wallsTpage_0001
    • cs4_10_rlds_vc_extraTpage_0005
    • cs4_10_rlds_vc_windowsTpage_0004
    • og_wood_panels04

    You can probably find them in the '.ytd's in the same folder as 'cs4_10_house4.ydr', but if not use Codewalker's Binary Search (CW > 'Tools...' > 'Binary search...') to look for there locations in the game files.

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