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[VEHICLE][WIP] Citroën DS 23 (1973 - 1975)

  • DS23-73

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • As the model is from "Forza" I didn't have to create engine parts, maybe just to reduce some. Of course, I had to assign materials, and map the texture which still took a lot of time considering the many details...


    The enginebay with engine reachs about 68k polygons, but I decided to keep almost everything because this car would not be the same without the "crowd" in the engine. Still, the highest LOD should stay around 280k... They say it's not a problem if there are LODs ... and there will be :)
    OpenIV :arrow_double_up:

    In game :arrow_double_down:

  • Most definitely. Proper lods ensure that the car can be used in traffic problem free without crashing or texture loss for hours. So many mod authors ignore that, sadly. I'm glad your rides are properly done!

  • I came across a problem with the center console. It was too wide and didn’t leave enough legroom. I couldn’t adjust the driver’s position, especially with his hands on the steering wheel...


    'If the mountain will not come to Muhammad...'


    I narrowed the center console and moved the pedal. On the other side is the engine bay whose parts peeked out, and, also, the texture of the carpet was distorted. More work.

    I know it’s a shame, but the task is to adapt the car to gtaV, isn't it?
    The result is hands on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals.


  • Hahah, Frank can't decide if he wants to press the clutch down or the brakes

  • @Frostelis And is it better than a foot in engine compartment? I know I damaged the original look of the vehicle, but is it more important to adapt it for gtaV? What do you think?

  • Better to adapt it for GTA, of course. Clipping is always an undesired effect in games which should be avoided if possible, even if some authenticity needs to be sacrificed in the process. I'm sure no one will mind the slightly thinner console.

  • Did you try a different layout before? Like LAYOUT_STANDARD if you're using low, which sucks.

  • @GreenAid It is LAYOUT_STANDARD, I agree that "low" sucks for most of the cars I make.

  • teaser:

  • Here are the colors that the DS 23 had from 1973 to 1975. I will make the car to spawn in approximately similar colors. The roof is a secondary color, and I will make some combination. Of course, anyone can paint the car the way they want, or edit the “cavariations” file for spawning.

    The interior of the DS 23 is most often in tobacco-colored leather but also in black leather. However, there were also bi-color options that I like, so I opted for a two-tone interior as well.

    This will need to be taken into account when making LODs.The door will look something like this (it will be enough from a distance):

    The idea is this:
    Primary Color (body) = paint1
    Secondary Color (roof) = paint2
    Interior color 1 = paint6
    Interior color 2 = paint7
    Interior carpet = paint 4

    I know “paint7” is intended for dials and “paint4” for wheels, but probably not a problem to use for interior?

  • Going along nicely I see

  • You can take a look at my classic colors mod, might be some more accurate colors for you to choose from...

  • @GreenAid Yes, it's a shame we can't include these things in ".dlc" through ".meta" files, but we have to further edit through ".ymt" files. It’s similar with license plates that I like to modify. It is possible to include fonts but not the color. Still, whoever wants can do it himself. For example, for the look of old French license plates you will need to change the font color in "carvariations.ymt":


    However, this will affect all vehicles, so whoever likes, let him choose. If someone wants, they can also install your (great) mod and edit colors, but for the car mod itself I will stay with original colors ... and with original font colors.
    It can be useful: Tool to convert colors

  • The DS was sold in North America from 1956 to 1972.This, therefore, did not include the DS23, which was produced from 1973 to 1975. Unlike earlier DS models, there was no version adapted to the American market. One of the problems is the lack of space for rear license plates (not only in America, but also in Italy, for example).
    There were various solutions: distortion of the license plates, passing through the bumper, placed on the bumper, and in Italy there were special accessories for that.

    Although there are cars in GTAV with the "European" shape of license plates (Pigalle or Fagaloa), some users hate them, so I will make an option with "American" plates because of them. I’ve tried some solutions too, and to be honest none of that on this car looks nice.

    Yet the “distorted” option seems the least bad to me, so I think I’ll include that one.

  • Nice to see we gonna get the US type of license plate. Top one looks nice personally, but whatever you consider best shall be fine either way

  • I think the curved one is cool, maybe place it a bit lower so the top is less curved and the botton overlaps a bit more the bumper.

  • I'm working on "hydraulics" ... it has an impact on overall handling, it will need compromise. I'm not very happy so far, but I'll take my time ...

  • Back in 2018 when I was working on my first Citroen DS I wanted to make a Replace version for Pigalle. This is mostly because of the name, but also because of the colors, and also because Pigalle is actually a Citroen. Then I didn't do well, and gave up and made a replacement for Regina. This time I decided to go all the way.
    I adapted the car for Pigalle’s handling, for the lights (double coronas), for the low layout (as much as it can), and I even adapted the Pigalle’s tuning (No tuning for ADD-ON version). Still, a small problem remains. As a sport-classic, in addition to the driver, Pigalle can only accommodate one passenger. But if someone wants a DS in traffic instead of a Pigalle, it shouldn’t be some big issue.

  • LODs slightly depend of version ... but this is about it. I used the lowest LODs from Forza to optimize the performance


  • Released (With the help of Saint Anthony ) - 13.VI.2021.

  • Why skip one lod tho? GTA V has 5 lods in total, 0-4. It looks as if there's too much of a jump from L0 to L1 currently, it's too low detail and you'd notice it very much during gameplay, especially since L0 is only loaded from very close to the player (5m).

  • @GreenAid
    GreenAid 2 years ago

    @NajPotez LODs are for performance, doesn't matter the difference between levels. The smaller LODs are, the better. They just need to not look too bad to not break immersion.

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