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[VEHICLE][WIP] Citroën DS 23 (1973 - 1975)

  • I know, and going from 280k polies to 8k is a big jump, and it looks very different, breaking immersion. And skipping lods does not improve performance, it just makes lower levels appear sooner, which are visible worse, skipping on last level.

  • It's not a skip. "Forza" has 6 lods and GTAV has 4. Even if you want you can't use all the lods from Forza. I mostly used 3rd and 5th from "Forza" because they are at a similar level as medium and low in GTAV. Lod1 and lod2 from "Forza" are too detailed (over 100k polligons)

  • @GreenAid Anyway, now you can test it in the game, everything looks fine to me

  • @NajPotez GTA has 5 lods, 0 to 4, check any vanilla car :) That's why I said you skipped one.
    Forza should have a lod I believe that is around 30-40k, you should check it out.

  • @GreenAid You are confusing me. Any vehicle (.yft) I open in OpenIV shows only 4 lods. High, Medium, Low and Very Low. In the ZModeler, admittedly, there is a fifth lod (0-4), but I have not seen any geometry on any of the vehicles on that lod.

  • the model file that has the citroends23_hi is considered "Very High" Lod file which is separate, maybe this is what GreenAid meant. In vehicles meta there are setting lines which can be set up how many meters the car model shows the "Very High" lod model before it goes into High and then from High to Medium etc.

    I think what GreenAid meant is - your highest polygon count model should be Very High setup which you already have in citroends23_hi, then it should probably go into High which should be like 30-40k polies, then into medium which in your case is 8k polies and so forth.

    The way you have it setup now is your Very High and High lods are the same. So it basically goes from Very High / High lods straight into Medium and the difference is noticeable.

  • @NajPotez It's because highest lod is stored in _hi, and in the lod.yft there are +4 lods :D (_hi was added with next gen, so it's an extra lod).

    You are free to join our server for classics cars if you want, plenty of people around to provide help and share insights!

    I don't want to clutter yours thread too much with technicalities and the correct way to export, etc.

  • @Frostelis @GreenAid
    Thanks for the clarifications. I was mistaken in thinking that the highest LOD in ".yft" and "_hi.yft" should be equal. As of today, I work differently, it is possible that I will update this, and maybe some other mods. Thank you...

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  • @Buribilu Maybe this :

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  • @Buribilu Balkan Fiat

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