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  • I have been looking around but never saw this firearm or something similar to it in here. Is there anyone who is willing to work on replacement textures for the the SMG? I'm looking for the texture to be the Galil Ace SBR, accompanied by custom attachments for it.

    Please let me know here if you've thought about it or would like to do so, thanks guys!
    If you are taking my request, thank you so much! Here's more about what I'm looking for:
    Keep in mind that the rifles in the two pictures are the exact same base model, for easier referencing. All of the reference photos are below the list.

    • The muzzle break used in the base texture should be the one featured in the first photo or similar to it.
    • The suppressor attachment should look like or be similar to the image reference.
    • The grip should be as shown in both photos, as they both show the same grip model.
    • The red dot sight should be as shown in both photos, they both show the same sight model.

    Photos of the rifle:

    alt text

    alt text

    Suppressor photo for reference:
    alt text

    Lastly, an animation for the reload and firing. Here is a link to a video that shows quick reloads, for reference.

    If the reload animation based on the video is too complicated, the contingency would be the reload animation for the assault rifle. Given that the gun types are very similar in nature, it should be fine. You as the creators know best, this is only a suggestion if the animation is too much.

    And yes, if possible, FiveM ready as I plan to include it in a new weapons drop for the server I admin.

    This may be a heavy request, but I'll be willing to pay for it. If you are interested in make this mod and prefer compensation for the work. give me your estimated prices either as a reply or contacting me on Discord (username in bio) or on this website; I'll pick the best offer if need be but I hope for the highest quality.

    Thank you all!

  • I'll say again, if anyone is willing to work on this request, I'll pay you a commission. Reach me out on Discord at LunaLeMoon#5993 if you are interested in this project.

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