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Help with Character sounds / dialogues (how to sort with right names)?

  • Hiya. it's probably has been discussed here before, but i have searched for hours for a mod or extracted sounds and i can't find anything. so i decided to ask here.

    i want to make some stuff in rockstart editor and make characters talk (not simple things, but scripted) and i cant find anything that would help

    i have used openIV to extract all the character dialogues, but they're in HEX filename format. for example michael has over 2000 files total, but they're all named like 0xA9DF42KE.wav so i'd have to spend months on listening to each one and renaming them. there must be a way of doing this with a mod, but i can't find a single mod or topic on how to go about doing it.

    can anyone help out with this? i don't even need in-game dialouge option, i'd prefer to have all of those .wav files sorted by what the character is saying. if anyone knows an easy way of doing it (other than going thru them 1 by 1), then it would be great help. thanks.

  • bump.. really, nobody knows how to do this :(

  • @mordax
    You'll be very lucky to find someone who has done that. Chances are very slim.
    Most likely, you'll have to name the files one by one yourself.

  • hmm, that's bit hard to believe. I mean how does game know what is what? i'm not exactly a modder, i've gone as far as using openIV just to mod handling and add new vehicles or characters, but that's all, so i wouldn't know where to look, but game knows when to say "yes" or "no", so there must be a way to extract them with correct names?

    I don't know, that's why i'm asking here. I saw couple mods that let you select some dialogues, so I assume there's a way to know what is what. i really hope someone could help me out with this. thanks.

  • @mordax
    You can convert plain text into hex hashes very easily (OpenIV > 'Tools' > 'Hash Generator'), but going the other way is damn near impossible without knowing what the original plain text name was & building a library of them cross-referenced with their correct hex hashes (like Hash Collider is attempting to do). :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th well dang it. I don't need it other way around as i'm not interested in putting those files back into the game. i just want to overlay sounds on my gta videos. thats why i need them for

  • @mordax
    Not a solution by any means, but this info might help you out a little bit:

    You can use OpenIV's Ctrl+F3 Search box to isolate & search only within '.awc's.

    Search Audio Files

    Obviously, pretty much only of any use to search for English named audio files, but should save you having to open every '.awc' & check manually anyway.

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