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Invalid Model after adding some Add-On Cars

  • Hey guys,
    i got the Problem that my Add-On cars wont spawn by name :(
    even when i tried with the trainerV it says : invalid model

    But i added them correctly and all previous addon cars work fine. With TrainerV and spawn by name.

    just the last cars wont spawn.
    i just looked into the dlclist and extratitleupdatedata but there is no mistake done.

    i hope somebody get a clue for me, how to solve this :(

  • @paddym93 Did you try a different gameconfig.xml?

  • i am using the newest version from F7YO https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

    my addon cars that added on thursday still work fine.. just the newest i added today wont work.. i dont know why

  • @paddym93 Well, then it's not the gameconfig.xml.
    Because I use the same one and I have 200+ add-ons working without problems.

    The add-on can be corrupted.
    Triple check the lines.

    Editing Extratitleupdatedata.meta is not necessary.

    Maybe the read me is wrong.
    Go to the vehicle.rpf inside the dlclist and check the model name. Use that name to spawn the vehicle.

  • i already checked all lines about 10times i guess..

    i tried a few cars with spawn by name.. all wont work... only those, i added on thursday

  • could this failure happend by editing the vehicle.meta ?

  • @paddym93 Why did you edit the vehicles.meta if it's an add-on?
    Try to install a different vehicle add-on and check.

  • i needed cause i installed replacer, too

    tried another vehicle now again, still not working.. still saying: invalid model

  • i tried every new addon car now by single use.

    I deleted all other addon cars from DLCList and added only one by one.

    all the new cars from today, still not working..
    i cant get it why it wont work

  • i guess i found the problem.

    i forgot to change dlclist in the modfolder, too..

    but now i have trouble with err_fil_pack_1 :(

  • This might seem a little off topic but can anybody guide me on hw to make a addon with multiple cars - I did once but I wasny able to tune them in LCS i could only spawn n drive em tats all..

  • Do not replace your DLClist! If the mod is older than the last game's DLC, the news DLC will be ignored, and also add-ons cars you have before. Back-up your DLClist to the original one, and then always edit the original one to add the lines of add-ons you want! Never replace!

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