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Need help with dispatch when i'm wanted.

  • I've edited dispatch.meta so when I have 4 stars I have fbi and riot after me with all the others and same with 5 stars but more of them and the army, but when I play and have 4 or 5 stars there's no one in the riot, the army truck, the army crusader and sometimes there's no one in the fbi car can someone please help me?

  • @Haenol
    Have read over this thread. It'll get you up to speed on 'dispatch ghost vehicles' & might provide you with a solution.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I have cleaned up a little bit in dispatch.meta and I thought it would be enough, but they still don't have any cops in them. Can you test my dispatch.meta and look in it and tell me what i can do.

  • @Haenol

    Ghost/no drivers/no peds dispatch vehicles confirmed causes/fixes list:

    • Too many models in 'dispatch.meta' - Use Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix to fix that
    • No 'FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT' in dispatch vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' '<flags>' line - Add it in manually to fix
    • Incorrect/incompatible layout set in 'vehicles.meta' '<layout>' line - Test other vehicle's layout values in place of it until find fix (probably start with standard/more general ones, moving to more specific ones as you test)

    Note: This is not a full list of all causes, there may be other, as of yet unconfirmed, reasons for ghost drivers.

    You can upload your 'dispatch.meta' if you want, but it could be something else causing it (most likely another issue in 'vehicles.meta').

    Once you rule out other issues with Dispatch Ghost Fix & making sure the vehicle has a 'FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT' flag, ghost drivers basically means you have an issue with one or more of your dispatch vehicles, you are only going to be able to fix that by getting stuck in & changing 'vehicles.meta' values until you find something that works, or by changing the vehicle to something else.

    Start with a vanilla vehicle & file data (handing/vehicles/carvariations/carcols etc), confirm it works, & then change one thing at a time, loading & testing the game inbetween each change.
    Then change the vehicle to your modded one, but leave all the file data vanilla & see if that works. If so, chnage handling, if that works then change vehicles... etc, & so on...

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you!

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