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Grass that cant be disabled by settings causing FPS Loss

  • I experience heavy FPS loss when in some areas of Paleto bay, I suspect it to be due to some grass I noticed in that area, I cant disable this grass through setting.xml I would even try to change or disable the textures. The problem is I can't find these textures. does anyone know what file or how to disable these.. P.s I have NVE, ENB, reshade and a few other graphics patches.
    Please see screenshot images for the grass type and location
    alt text alt text alt text alt text

  • Topic has been up for a few days with no response... anybody????

  • Enb and reshade obviously eats your fps but that doesn't matter since you just want to disable vegetation but the problem is you cant, but there is a mod that can replace low vegetation which is here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/lower-resolution-grass-for-improved-performance if the fps is still low, the only option is disable enb.

    Hope it helps :)

  • @jerome74
    Try using Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for 'v_proc1.rpf', have a look inside the '.ytd's in there (especially the ones starting 'ng_ip_') & if you can find the grass you are talking about, replace it's texture/s with blank/invisible ones.

  • @Darkwolf_26 tried all that didnt work

  • @a63nt-5m1th cant find these textures at least i shrunk all the image files to 200kb and still nothing

  • used map editor to find them and these grass don't appear even when the show grass option is enabled i can only see them in-game and they cant be turned off with settings

  • @jerome74
    Try this 'procedural.meta' as a test.

    Also, once you have eliminated any scripts as a cause (rename 'scripts' folder, load game & see etc), perhaps use a process similar to this (from "How to diagnose the issue:" onwards) to quickly diagnostically rebuild your 'mods' folder one '.rpf' archive/folder structure at a time, so you can identify where the issue exists (or eliminate any 'mods' folder files as a cause at least).

    It doesn't take as long as you would think, using the 50/50 method outlined here you can usually identify the issue's rough location within ~7 or so loads of the game, & usually find the exact issue with in 10>15 loads of the game max. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks i will try..
    The mods folder isn't the issue tried that already,
    I haven't tried the scripts folder though I'll see there.
    The meta file seems like that could be the biggest lead.. i think the issue is the quantity of grass rather than the texture.. and also this grass doesn't seem as if it is generated by a ymap so a meta seems like the cause will test this tomorrow

    Do you have this many grass in that area of your game? I don't have a stock gta to test myself

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks man you really helped solve my problem

    The procedural.meta was the issue i used yours to test and it removed the bad grass.

    One of my modifications or original GTA V Updates(not sure which) changed the grass type and used a very high-quality grass, luckily i found the original in the common.rpf and used that one so i still have grass in these locations just not as much and less quality... see new screenshot
    alt text

  • @jerome74 vegetation isn't as perky but I got my frames back 35 - 45 frames
    something is locking my fps a bit but that's something for another day appreciate all your help

  • @jerome74 P.S all my settings are maxed except for the additional graphics settings i dont touch those they look messed up with reshade and enb

  • @jerome74
    Cool :slight_smile:, thought there was reasonable chance it was 'procedural.meta' related, glad it worked :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th :thumbsup: Thanks again

  • This post is deleted!

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