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Need help with making my first addon car mod.

  • Hey all, so i have decided to try and make my own addon car by converting a car model from Forza Motorsport 4, and i found the whole "forza model to zmodeler3 conversion" part of the process to be fairly straightforward (download the Forza car model from gamemodels .ru, import the .carbin files of the model using Forza Studio and export them as .obj files, import the .xds texture files of the model and export them as .dds textures using Forza Texture Extractor and Photoshop/other image editing software, and finally import the new obj model files in zmodeler3, while removing some unnecessary "faces" from the model), but after having done that part of the process, i got stuck and didn't know what to do afterwards, as i had been following a very specific tutorial video on youtube up until that point, but said tutorial video was only "part 1" of what i'm guessing was supposed to be a full video series covering the entire process of converting a Forza car model into a GTA 5 addon car, but since those other parts never came out i was left very confused on what i was supposed to do next. ( This is the tutorial video in question, by the way:

    , i followed all of the instructions from A to Z pretty much )

    I tried googling, doing my own research and searching up other zmodeler3 tutorial videos on youtube, but it didn't bear much fruit. Alot of the guides and videos had done things completely differently from the way the guy in the original tutorial video had done them, didn't go through the process step-by-step and many of them weren't even in english to begin with, which all made me even more confused and led me to coming here for help.

    So how do i turn this model into an actual functioning addon vehicle ingame, with working wheels, lights doors, dials and so on? I had, again, followed every step in the original tutorial video that i linked above, so what do i do now? This is what my model currently looks like, by the way:

    alt text

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