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  • Goodmorning,

    I'm new here in this great gta5-mods but I'm not too new in MODS ahahah (since GTA San Andreas) ahahahah.

    Joking apart, I want to create a really fine Total Conversion mod for GTA 5.
    I want to empty all of the actual map and I want to create all of the objects by me.
    My question is about the traffic: If I will delete all the map and I will import 3D objects made by me, how can I do for the traffic of the cars and pedestrians?

    Another question, this is about creating a new storyline:
    Is it possible to create a really new storyline? I have see "Your Own Storyline 1.8.5" script, but, is for just 1 mission or I can recreate a new storyline?

    I have other questions but maybe is enough for now :laughing:

    Can you answer on these questions?

    Thanks guys :)

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