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Addon Props (Street Signs) YTYP Help

  • Hello, so I'm making this file called "Better Street Props YMAP" and I've decided to make some street signs so i can use with the YMAP. I've installed Addonprops by meth0d and I've tried it with a few of my own props i made and made the YTYP file but they dont come up when i look for them with Menyoo? Anyone knows how to fix this ?


    @BrandonYeets forums are quite ded except for the occasional quality in-depth reaction by a63nt-5m1th

    so you might get more response in our discord

  • @BrandonYeets Make sure to add them to the proplist in the menyoostuff folder for them to show up in menyoo.

  • @chonkie i have and they do pop up in the spooner thing but the prop itself does not. Thanks for the heads up since i didn't know you had to add the props name.

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