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Crew members NOT following Player during story missions. Single Player

  • Gta 5 product version - 1.0.2189.0 Cayo Perico heist DLC

    All Base mods including Open IV, Pak Limit Adjuster, Heap Adjuster, ScriptHook etc. to support mods and scripts are up to date.

    Scripts and mods are working without problems, but Crew members during Story missions are not following selected main player to mission objective. Instead they are running one direction towards a wall or corner or not moving at all. It depends on a mission and probably location in the map. If switched between remaining crew, the remaining CPU controlled characters are still doing the same.

    I am used to modding but am far from a professional script writer. Yet I am experiencing this in Gta 5 for the first time ever and hopefully someone will soon find a solution for this.

    Installed mods :

    World of variety 10.1
    Lively World
    Weed Shop
    After Hours SP
    Strapped Lamar
    Extended Camera Settings
    Burger Shot
    Lowrider Challenge
    Beta Drug dealers
    Benny's Lowriders
    Pull Me over
    Working Taco Trucks
    Working Hot Dog vendors
    Relationships mod
    Join Me Peds

  • Just found out that Benny's motorshop was causing the problem. This might happen with other mods requiring to enable MP/online Maps. Anyway good Mod and the Mod itself works, but has compatibility issue in story mode missions and should be updated.

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