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Game Crash Err_Fil_Pack_1 with new gameconfig

  • hey
    i have another problem now..
    i added a bunch of cars as Addon. put it in my DLCList and now my game keeps crashing alltime in loading screen with this error:


    i am using the newest version from F7YO's gameconfig.. but it still crash..

    is there sth how i can fix this?

  • I'm having the same problem and can't find any solution to it either.

    I've tested the game and it has no problem running without addon cars, but as soon as I add the files to the dlclist and extratitleupdatedata meta files the game spits out this error. I've tried other gameconfigs too and I either get this error or a mem allocation error.

    Fuckin' sucks :(

  • @paddym93 Game Crash Err_Fil_Pack_1 with new gameconfig same here problem im using limitless gameconfig but steel this problem err_fil_pack_1 plz solve this

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