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Can’t install addon/replace cars please help

  • I can’t install addon or replace cars is there a patch day I’m missing or something or something missing on my mods folder

  • @Losthegamer01
    Have a brief look though this general process & make sure you haven't missed anything out:

    General Process:


    • Make sure you are using a 'mods' folder
    • Install add-on folder (the one with the 'dlc.rpf' in it) into 'dlcpacks' so it looks like this folder structure:
      ...\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\NAME-OF-DLC-HERE\dlc.rpf ('NAME-OF-DLC-HERE' = whatever the add-on folder name is)
    • Add dlc entry to 'dlclist.xml' here:
      so it looks somewhat like this at the bottom (your exact dlc entries will be different):
    • Load game & spawn vehicle using a trainer & it's vehicle name. (Note: 'vehicle name' is not the same as dlc name. Vehicle name = 'vehicle-name-here .yft'. DLC name = name of folder above 'dlc.rpf')
    • If still having issues with no add-ons/dlc working, have a read of this & make sure your 'dlclist.xml' is functioning correctly.


    • Make sure you are using a 'mods' folder
    • Use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for the vehicle name of the vehicle you want to replace.
    • Replace the '.yft' & 'ytd' files of the vanilla vehicle, in the highest 'patchday#ng' folder structure you find them in, with the modded replace files you have downloaded.
      Note: If the vanilla vehicle has a '_hi.yft' &/or a '+hi.ytd' file as well, but the downloaded replace does not, just make copies of the downloaded replace's '.yft' & 'ytd' files & rename them to '_hi.yft' &/or '+hi.ytd' & use them to replace the '_hi.yft' &/or '+hi.ytd' vanilla files.
    • Find the handling/vehicles/carcols/carvariations.meta etc data for the vanilla vehicle in the game files & then replace it's data with the handling/vehicles/carcols/carvariations.meta data in the downloaded replace's files.
      Note: Open the files & replace the data within them with the data in the files in the download. Only replace the data for the car/s you are replacing, not all of them in there & also don't replace the entire file with the one/s you downloaded.

  • Thanks but have try it that way like 8 times and it still won’t work am I missing a patch day or something very wierd it was working until I accident delete everything that was in my mods folder ....🤔

  • @Losthegamer01
    Not sure what it could be? :thinking:
    Upload you 'dlclist.xml' to somewhere like MediaFire so I can take a look :thumbsup:

    You don't need any additional patchdays etc, not for add-ons anyway, they should work on their own.
    Send a screenshot of your main GTA V root folder including all the files you have in there & a screenshot of your 'dlcpacks' folder & all of it's contents.

  • Same thing happening to me, my game keeps crashing everytime I try the add-on method.

  • @Losthegamer01 I found what you can do to fix it

    , this worked for me. 👍

  • I’m not sure what you mean or how to upload it to media fire do you have discord or email name I can send it too so you can check it out ???@a63nt-5m1th

  • @Losthegamer01


    Try ufile instead (just so you know, MediaFire & ufile are free to use, no need to register or anything) :thumbsup:

    ufile couldn't be easier:

    • Using OpenIV drag & drop 'dlclist.xml' on to your Desktop
    • Click on this green ufile link
    • Click inside the dotted box in the middle of the screen where it says:
    Drop files here or click to upload files
    (Max 10 files at once, 5GB per file)
    • a screen will open
    • Navigate to the 'dlclist.xml' on your Desktop, select it & click '[Open]' button.
    • File will be uploaded...
    • Once complete you will hear a sound
    • Copy the url in the white box & post it here.


    If you prefer, you can share your 'dlclist.xml' by using a codeblock:


    Copy these three lines to a blank txt file, overwrite only this line, copy all & post into gta5-mods forum post.

    Detailed codeblock instructions:

    • copy the three lines above into a '.txt' file (any empty one will do)
    • then open 'dlclist.xml', press Ctrl+A (to select everything in there) & then Ctrl+C (to copy everything)
    • Back to your open '.txt' file, highlight all the words on the middle line & then hit Ctrl+P (to paste you dlclist data & replace the words)
    • Then hit Ctrl+A again (to select everything in there) & then Ctrl+C again (to copy everything)
    • Back here on gta5-mods, use Ctrl+P to paste the data into a reply/post & it will automatically be converted to a codeblock like this:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    I don't have Discord & don't share my email publicly, but both of the ways outlined above are pretty easy to figure out, ufile is probably the easiest method, just a few clicks etc.

  • Your awesome it really work !!!! Thanks a million @VadimStoleamyVodka

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