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Crash to Desktop with Add-On Cars in Traffic

  • Hey folks. I am having an issue where my game will crash to desktop with addon vehicles in traffic with absolutely no warning. One second the game is there the other it's not, it is the strangest thing ever. The strange thing is that I have an upgraded gameconfig.xml but regardless it is still crashing. I have looked through logs as well and nothing. Has anybody experienced this? I would love to have my addon cars in traffic, just never seems to work.

  • Just a quick update, without the cars spawning in traffic via popgroups.ymt it hardly crashes, however I spawned in every single addon car that I had to try and vet out which car was causing the issues and with 250+ cars spawned in at once it did not even stutter. Could it just be something to do with the vehicles being in traffic?

  • If the add-on car is to big (polygons) and it spawns in traffic it will crash pretty fast for real traffic there is replace cars


  • @Zuraxo Hey thanks for the reply! I tried removing any car above 15MB total size of replace vehicles and experienced no crashes for an hour or two, I think I overlooked the fact that some of my vehicles were massive and that they needed to be deleted.

  • @aphyllous no worrys glad i could help mate!


  • In addition to that.. there also another theory..
    The carcols file also plays an important role..

    When you use addon cars 80% of the time they use the same modkit id in the carcols as other addon cars or even the original cars... car that spawn in traffic sometimes uses randomized customizations and if the addon car spawns with the overwritten modkit id then obviously the game will crash because that car will spawn with incompatible mod parts..

    Best fix for this takes time but it works ive done it for my 1200 addon cars..

    Open each individual carcols.meta and carvariation.meta and use a free modkit id, thats the first set of numbers in the modkit name eg.

    You can search online for free modkit ids for gta v and theres a blog that list them all

    Secondly you could just change the modkit name all together to make the game use the default modkit with rims and engine customization


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