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_manifest.ymf into codewalker. Generate ? ok. Save ? Impossible...

  • Hi guys.

    My issue is simple. I use codewalker 29 for trying to make mapping.
    Everything is happening well when I move props, calculate all flags and extents, save ymap files, and more. But when I generate my _manifest.ymf, I can't save it because no save button is existing. ( that is so strange because it's working into many tutorials I looked at on Youtube )
    So, close to the " generate " button, I just can get " XML for manifest.ymf ". And, when I copy this generated text in a xml compliant tool, it's impossible to convert it over GTA meta toolkit. Nothing is working.

    Questions :
    Is someone is able to explain me how to activate the save button into codewalker ?
    Is someone is able to explain me how to convert the generated text without using Meta toolkit or other tool ?


    ( from France )

  • @gopostal
    Be sure to always grab yourself the most up-to-date version of CodeWalker from it's Discord .
    v29 is over 3 years out of date now, & missing a lot of new features/functionality.

    If that doesn't fix it, here's something else you might try:

    • Open CodeWalker's RPF Explorer (CW > '[<<]' > 'Tools...' > 'RPF Explorer...')
    • Search for '_manifest.ymf' (in the top right search box) & pick one at random
    • Right-click it & select 'Export XML...' & select a location to save the file
    • Open the exported '_manifest.ymf.pso.xml' with a Text Editor (Notepad++ etc)
    • Replace the contents of the file with the generated text you copy from within CodeWalker & save the file
    • Back to CW's RPF Explorer, navigate to the location in the game files that you want the '_manifest.ymf' to be (any location will do really, as file can be moved after anyway)
    • Enter Edit Mode using the '[:shield: Edit mode]' button (left of search box) & accept the warning.
    • Right-click anywhere within the folder & select 'Import XML...' & import your edited '_manifest.ymf.pso.xml'
    • A few seconds later, your '_manifest.ymf' should appear in the folder.

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