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Natural Vision Evolved and Depth of Field problem?

  • Hey all,

    I tried searching for this (perhaps I missed something and I'm dumb but google came up with nada)

    I downloaded and installed NVE and ever since then I can't modify my depth of field in Rockstar Editor. I CAN access it, but it changes nothing no matter what values I put into it. I tried cycling through the different presets, changed all my settings, closed and restarted my game and nothing. In rockstar editor, as soon as I move the camera in freecamera mode, everything goes blurry until I let the timeline run for a second and then pause again.

    Really hoping theres some sort of obvious fix because I like how NVE looks and was hoping to use it for a machinima project I'm working on. If not I suppose the next question is, does anyone have any alternative shaders they recommend that they know works with DOF in rockstar editor?

    Thanks in advance to any help. I'm an idiot who barely knows what they're doing, apparently.

  • @SteveFrenchCrys same problem for me and it has a very simple fix. open enb menu go to fix and unselect disable blur. Done :)


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