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Help adding a bullbar to a 69 Dodge Charger General Lee

  • Good evening all,

    I've learnt so much since first getting GTA V, adding on/replacing cars via Open IV, changing gameconfig files, switching liveries etc, etc.

    Ultimately, there is really just one thing I would like to know, and it is how to install a bullbar on the front of this 1969 Dodge Charger MOD I have installed on my PC. The livery and wheels work in-game, but I'd love to complete the look by getting a bullbar. Having spent hours and hours (truly) attempting to work out how I can proceed, I'm now looking for some help. One thing I read about was changing the modkit number, It was 507 and despite changing it to 500 there is no change, although some say it needs to be beneath 255?

    One particular Charger '69 MOD car available here on 5Mods does have a .yft file of the bullbar part included, but it isn't available as an extra to toggle on and off, I'm not sure why.
    Alternatively, a different variation of the said Charger mod does have the extra option of having the bullbar, and it does work using the toggle method. Sadly, the overall mod isn't anywhere near as good

    I do hate asking for help as so it rarely leads to any answers, but I've tried looking everywhere for some understanding so any pointers would be so very appreciated.

    Many thanks

  • @bez76 hey about the modkit ids i suggest you to take a look at this: link
    (dont forget to change the modkit id in carvariations.meta to)

    for the bullbar the author could have messed up the carcols.meta or the model itself if its not selectable.

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