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Has Rockstar stopped the mods working all together?

  • I was wondering if Rockstar has made the last updates to the game so you can not run the game in story mode at all if you have mods added in to the game files?

    I ask as my game works fine when I take out the add folders in the DLC packs folder, as soon as I add it back in to the game DCL pack folder it crash's out to desk top. Just wondering if any one else has had the same problem?

    I understand why it would happen to GTA online game but I don't play GTA online. I'm happy playing the story mode and messing about in the world as I have completed the game it self.

  • A) Is your game legit?
    B ) Is ScripthookV up to date?
    C) 'R' Just did another launcher update, maybe that affected your game?
    D) If none of the above, what was the last mod you loaded when everything worked or the one when everything stopped working?
    E) Check the ScripthookV log to see if anything wigged out while loading.
    F) When all else fails, check 'Event Viewer' for Windows. Once there, look at 'Windows Logs > Applications'. Look in the center column window at the top look for 'Error' messages. If it was a windows issue caused by GTA5 the cause will be there.

  • yes i also have this problem, i can just start the game but when i ensure a car in DLCLIST.xml the game just instant crashes to desktop without giving an error. Also after the latest update.

  • @AndyJJones I just got something like that, i just found out that when i add an entry past 177 my game crashes on load with an packfile err 1 message.

  • @Ethical but how to fix it?

  • @iammistahwolf questions A is redundant seeing as his issues is with updates tho... dont mean to be negative just saying...

    By the way if the game has been updated chances are that the gameconfig.xml has been rendered useless check for the latest gameconfig file for the latest game version

    The gameconfig file is what is edited to enable the game to handle more dlc files and image files if the game has been updated then the old game config won't work.. either that or you haven't installed any to begin with

    Search for limitless vehicles gameconfig or look for the most recent if it has been made yet

  • @pim911 I got it, just download packfilelimit adjuster and set your value in packfilelimit.ini to twice the amount of your archive count in your gameconfig.

  • Thank you for the reply's. I have made sure the every thing is up to date. Yes the game is Legit. Have it on CD's when that was a thing. I have no idea. I'll keep having a go with it every now and then. I'll work it out in the end I'm sure. If I do, I will try to post what I did to fix the problem. As I'm not the greatest with PC's it will take me a while. Once again thank you for every one who replied and glad I was not alone with the problem.

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