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[WIP] Agency

  • Hello everyone!

    You might know me from a couple of plugins I shared for GTA V. Thanks to you, my creations were very warmly welcomed by LSPDFR community. I immediately thought to myself: "I wanna do something bigger than just miscellaneous plugins and private mods". And here we are.

    I'm extremely proud to share with you my biggest project yet. This is Agency. Agency is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V with its own storyline focused on stealth. Agency is heavily inspired by Hitman. While we share a common theme, Agency is different. I can't tell you much about the mod now. We are in the early stages of development. One thing I can certainly tell you is that you will not be disappointed.

    alt text

    Our team has recently started a Development Blog which you can follow on our website agencymod.com.

    You can read more about the idea behind Agency in our first blog post.

    I will post on this topic once new blog posts come out. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. We will do our best to reply without revealing any of the cool details we prepared for our future posts 🙂

  • Showcase #2. Stealth mechanics.

    Greetings. The time has come to tell you more about Agency’s features. Today’s showcase is going to be about stealth, moreover, it’s going to be split in two, meaning we are going to talk about only half of the stealth features right now. Don’t worry, we will tell you about the rest of them in another showcase, so stay tuned for that! Let us move on to the features themselves.

    Read on our website


  • Showcase #3. Meet the Main Character.

    Greetings! It seems that we have been absent for a longer time than we inquired to. We can assure – that time was not spent in vain; we’ve been working on several useful features that are going to be used both in-game and in development. But enough with our magical dev chatter – today’s showcase is a rather important one.

    Read on our website

  • Follow us on Twitter @agncmod to read more about the development process!


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